History and Business Overview

Panel to Panel applied and obtained its official Namibian Manufacturers status in 2008. Gradually turning into a larger scale panel factory, the official manufacturing status and increased production capacity paved the way for increased consumer demands, which forced Panel to Panel to become more and more innovative with the various designs and uses for the product. What started out to be a manufacturing and supply only policy, quickly snowballed into new opportunities to add value to the manufactured goods, and so Panel to Panel started a range of its own constructed products using the modular panels. These initially included a brand of different cold and freezer rooms which became very popular and not long after, the public market approached Panel to Panel directly regarding other pre-fabricated constructions.

This opportunity enabled Panel to Panel to not only be limited to the supply of DIY kits and flat packs as a manufacturer, but to start becoming actively involved in the construction industry itself.

Currently, with a strong Human Resource foundation and business driven management, not even the sky has a limit for Panel to Panel anymore as they now confidently class themselves as the leaders of the panel manufacturing and pre-fabricated construction industry in Namibia.

Principal Products:

In general, we are primarily engaged in the manufacturing and cutting of Expandable Polystyrene, the cutting of metal sheets to size and the lamination or sandwidging of these components to produce the insulated modular panel. We supply these panels or polystyrene sheets separately if demanded, but also add further value to produce our own various range of constructions, including mobile office and housing units, cold and freezer rooms, containers, guardhouses, ablutions or most any construction where specs are provided. We also have the equipment to bend an IBR profile from our metal sheets which we sell as roof sheets or roof panels. One of our latest products, the Green Fodder Rooms, are aimed at the agricultural community and enables them to effectively grow supplementary fodder for their livestock.

Culture and Core Values of the Business?

Our internal unofficial motto: “Business is Business” drives the culture with which we negotiate and operate our affairs. We attempt to keep a degree of emotion separate from any business decisions or operations and rather join our minds to seek reason and logic within our practice. Our core values revolves around sound ethics and everything it entails. We believe this to be the separation of humankind to any other living organism and we adhere most vigorously to the business principles undoubtedly set therein. With this, we boost our integrity and morale to a level of excited anticipation, filled with a feeling of spiritual favour, to accomplish anything we set out to achieve.