Objectives and Strategy

Assessment of the Business’ Overall Strategy

Panel to Panel’s overall business strategy is to maintain the manufacturing of a high quality product with excellence in customer service. Our general objective is to evolve and to become more actively involved in the construction sector, enabling us to add more value to our product.

In the long run, we wish to expand our industry beyond the borders of Namibia and possibly branch out to other key locations in order to increase our output and servicing area.

Critical Success Factors/Key Business Drivers

Other than a significant production capacity and a lack of local competition in the manufacturing of our product, our key business drivers are directly related to the ability and competence of our management. With a great deal of hard work and commitment, and no small degree of ambition, our management is able to successfully price, negotiate and execute any potential assignment. Through a conspicuous measure of sound diplomacy and a forceful hunger for business, management teams up to leave no opportunity unchallenged.

Strengths and Opportunities

Due to the years of experience, the quality of our product and the distinction of our service, Panel to Panel has secured a respectable record and business name among its customers, who will likely continue to support us. With a solid financial foundation and a good bank rating, combined with a sufficient output capacity and the various expertise among its managers, Panel to Panel is geared to perform most any assignment within its industry.

Situated at the port of Walvis Bay International Harbour, our purchasing scope is practically unlimited as we can relatively easily obtain most any product from anywhere in the world. We make good use of this opportunity to obtain material not locally available at the best price.

In general, the continent of Africa has a great backlog regarding various constructions for its growing infrastructure. This places us in an ideal position to take hold of any opportunity in this regard.