Production and Purchases

General description of the manufacturing processes highlighting the important factors

To manufacture a panel, the following process takes place:

EPS raw material is fed into our Pre-Expander where steam, produced by our boiler, heats up the eps beads in order to expand them in size.
From there the expanded beads gets stored in a silo for a specific period of time before being pumped into the block mould to produce a solid 3x1.2x0.6m foam block (using pressure and heat).
Using a heated-wire cutting machine, we cut these foam block into sheets of our desired width which forms the core of our panels. We further process these foam sheets with a machine meant to cut the necessary grooves for joining.
4-5 Ton steel coils are at the same time being hoisted on a de-coiling motor which feeds the metal sheets into a cutting machine to be cut and bent to specific sizes.

Now we combine these components by applying a polyurethane glue on the metal sheets and placing them over the foam sheets to slot into the grooves. Thereafter they are stacked and placed under a concrete weight block to finally fuse the components together.

We have two other separate divisions, a frame making and steel works division, who is in control of cutting, joining and bending the various metals in order to produce trims, angles, door frames, base frames and other smalls used in the construction process.