Door and Windows

Door and Windows

At panel to panel we manufacture a variety of different doors. Our doors are mainly used for cold rooms, freezer rooms and buildings that are constructed using our insulated panels.

For cold and freezer rooms we have hinged doors as well as sliding doors. Our doors are placed onto a standard panel which acts as a frame and is then perfectly sealed off for optimum insulation. Standard hinged doors has an opening of 860mm x 1920mm, but you can also specify the opening you want depending on your needs. The maximum width for the opening of hinged doors is 1200mm. If you would like a door with a bigger opening you can make use of our sliding doors. Sliding doors are for cold and freezer rooms that needs bigger openings for forklifts to operate in. You can specify the size of the opening you need and we construct the doors accordingly.

For any other building that is constructed using our panels for example small panel rooms, panel houses or wall partitioning we have personnel doors. These doors are manufactured into a standard panel frame and can easily be connected to other panels making it very easy to install.

We also manufacture aluminium windows specifically made for our insulated panels. We have different sizes available to choose from and our windows can be placed into our panels by cutting the specific dimensions out of the panel and placing the window into the panel. These windows are used in wall portioning, panel rooms or any other panel construction.



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